First Trimester Must Have’s

I tried to repeatedly tell myself morning sickness is a good thing. In the moment of feeling terrible, it's hard to think that way. My cousin (who is going through her first trimester right now) said "You feel trapped inside your own body". It's SO true! You don't know if it's going to continue to … Continue reading First Trimester Must Have’s

My First Trimester Experience

Hey Everyone! This pregnancy is flying by. I wanted to share my first trimester experience with you all. It has been similar but different in a lot of ways. The first trimester tends to drag a little more because of nausea and exhaustion, but it is amazing to see how the human body changes when it … Continue reading My First Trimester Experience

Feeling Refreshed & Pregnancy Update

Hi Everyone! I wanted to take some time to focus on my family and also my thoughts on pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Have you ever met someone that was so passionate about something that it probably started to annoy you? Yeah, I'm that someone. Obviously those who don't have an interest in my blogs don't … Continue reading Feeling Refreshed & Pregnancy Update

To The Mom Who Struggles:

As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a mom one day. When my mom told me what to do and I had to listen, or she got on to me for not doing something I was supposed to do, all I could think about is the day when I get to tell my own … Continue reading To The Mom Who Struggles:

The Terrible Two’s Not So Terrible… Part 2.

Children watch our every move. They want to be like us. Act like us. Be accepted by us. Our actions are a result of their actions. So here is part 2 of "The Terrible Two's Not So Terrible". I said I'd probably be back for round 2 ha! For those of you that read part … Continue reading The Terrible Two’s Not So Terrible… Part 2.

The Terrible Two’s Not so Terrible

If someone asked me today, what is one thing I've learned since becoming a mom it would be patience. 100%. I never felt like I was an impatient person growing up, but wow! Doing life with with a child has for sure tested my patience. I have failed miserably a lot of the time, but … Continue reading The Terrible Two’s Not so Terrible

Feeling Confident in Your Postpartum Body

When I got pregnant for the first time, I had so many unnecessary fears of the unknown. Looking back, I wish I could tell myself that everything works out, to just breath and enjoy the stages of what is to come. As a selfish 22 year old who played sports my whole life, disciplined myself … Continue reading Feeling Confident in Your Postpartum Body