A Thank You Letter to my Midwives

There are many things about having a midwife deliver my babies that I am so thankful for, and if anyone out there is on the fence about midwifery care for you, I hope this helps. They deserve more praise and trust than they get, and I’m one of their biggest fans.

Isabella Newborn Photography, Huntsville AL


Thank you, for taking me in your care and giving me two unforgettable birth experiences. From my first birth of never wondering about ‘what ifs’ to my second birth which resulted in you quickly coming to our rescue and delivering our baby in a car, THANK YOU.

Thank you, for allowing me to trust you. You knew what my body would go through more than I would. You set aside hours to help me understand the most intense, empowering thing I would ever go through. Through every appointment, phone call, and email I always knew I would hear from you directly. When it came time to deliver, I never had to wonder if you would be the one to deliver my baby. You were always there; before, during, and after delivery. THANK YOU.

Thank you, for being at my mercy. You dedicate your whole life to pregnant and laboring mothers; Always on call and ready to spend hours with me in labor as my body takes its course of delivering the way I was made to deliver. THANK YOU.

Thank you for your guidance. You guided me to outside information to help me prepare for my birth. You prepared me for anything that could and would happen; the good, the bad, and the ugly. From month to month, biweekly, and week to week you guided me to a birth I didn’t know was possible in today’s time. You showed me how much more likely it is to deliver almost any baby naturally with the right atmosphere, position, and mentality. THANK YOU.

Thank you for your patience. You didn’t rush the process. Ever. If I labored for 16 hours or 4 hours, you never made me feel like we were in a hurry(well except for the last one, we were in a hurry to at least make it to you!). I always felt like I was the only thing on your agenda. When my body/baby decided to go two weeks overdue, you were more patient than I was. THANK YOU.

Thank you for your sense of calmness and encouragement. Even if something was a slight problem, I would have never known. Your temperament was always level and you expected that from everyone around me. When I was feeling defeated, you, along with my birth team encouraged me to keep going. THANK YOU.

Thank you for your dedication. You have spent a lot of your career advocating for midwifery care to be accepted and encouraged by society. The health and wellness of both mom and baby are your top priority. You’ve spent hours, months, and maybe years writing a book sharing all you’ve learned so that others can benefit from your knowledge. Your dedication does not go unnoticed. THANK YOU.

Thank you for opening up your home. You transformed it into a place that we could feel at peace. You made it a welcoming atmosphere where pregnant women can come in and relax. Your home felt like my home. Clean, organized, and had a system of routine as we arrived. THANK YOU.

Thank you for your punctuality. You were always on time, ready for me when I arrived. Respecting my time while also respecting your own. THANK YOU.

Thank you for your connection. You stay in contact with me even after baby is born. You prepare me for postpartum and check up on me and baby. You never leave me wondering with unanswered questions. THANK YOU.


Through my eyes, I’ve come to see that midwives are in midwifery care for you. They’ve seen the empowerment of natural births and want to give any and every mom with that desire a chance. Their job is not simple. Its hard. Long hours, late nights, early mornings for you; the pregnant, laboring, and postpartum mother. It is not a 9-5 job, but it is a fulfilling job. If I would have seen this before I had kids, I would have gone to midwifery school. I have become so passionate about sharing what it is like to have a midwife deliver my children. I may never become a midwife, but I will always advocate and encourage them for your prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care. I hope someday soon all states acknowledge midwives and encourage them to practice in their state. Midwives may not be for everyone, but I believe they are better for most women. Its not about pain tolerance, its about education and endurance. Midwives, birth classes, and doulas prepare you for that.

 THANK YOU to Birth Wellness of Chattanooga for giving me two successful, beautiful births! I am forever grateful to have you as my midwives.


2 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter to my Midwives

  1. Thank you! This is such a beautiful testament to the bond between mother and midwife. To be a part of new life coming into the world is such an honor and a blessing. We couldn’t do it without the belief and trust you give us. This is such a lovely post, I am moved to tears. Thank you!

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