Going Past Your “Due” Date

I’m not here to tell you how to avoid going past your due date, because well…. I’m still pregnant. I also don’t know if this can be an encouragement for you, because I’m feeling super discouraged right now. This might really be more of getting everything off my chest, but if you currently are past your “due” date or get to that point I hope this helps you feel like you are not alone.

This is another good topic to discuss when choosing a natural birth, whether it is a home birth or hospital birth. Not everyone has a baby by their “due” date, especially the ones who let nature decide when its time for baby to arrive. Thats where I come in. Today I am officially 41 weeks. I never thought I’d have to say those words. My first child came on her own very unexpected one week early from her “due” date. (Side note: I will be using ” ” when saying due, because I now have a new outlook on the word when referring to the birth of a child.) I prepared more to go late with her than I did this time. Everyone always told me you are more likely to go past your “due” date with your first child and then the next child always comes sooner and quicker. Wrong. She may come quicker, but it is confirmed that she did not, in fact, come sooner..

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about just being induced to get her here and be done with pregnancy. Several times. When other expectant moms would tell me they were being induced I would think “Why? Just wait until they are ready. What is one or two more weeks pregnant to make sure your baby is ready to be born?” Now I get it. I’ve gone full term. She’s ready. I’m ready. I’m tired. I’m frustrated. I’m upset. Why won’t my body just go into labor? Will the time ever come where I can hold my baby in my arms that I’ve carried around for 9 months? I know the answer is yes, but it seems like an eternity away.

My baby is doing fine, I am doing fine, so why can’t I relax and just enjoy these last few days with my family before we become a family of 4? Because of that dreaded “due” date. Something mentally shifts when your “due” date comes and goes. You wait 9 months for that day for it only to be uneventful and tons of questions about why you haven’t had her yet. “Due” dates should not exist. Its just an estimation based off of when you might have gotten pregnant or when your last cycle actually started, and even then ALL women carry differently and for different time periods. Why is the comparison game so strong?

From the beginning I told myself all pregnancies are different. All babies are different. All labors are different and that’s okay! It’s what makes each individual child unique in their own ways. What I didn’t prepare for was going this long and still being pregnant. Mentally having to redirect my mind has been the most challenging part. I’ve physically tried all the things people say helps induce labor. Well I think they got lucky lol Babies will come when they are ready is my philosophy, and not very comforting to the “over due” mama.

Even though it’s frustrating to continue to be pregnant past 40 weeks, I still don’t wish for an artificial induction. Even though I knew it could happen to go past your “due” date, I never thought I would. God has humbled me so much through this pregnancy. Not everything works out the way I plan, and sometimes when I think everything works out the way I plan, I get humbled 🙂 When baby is ready, I’ll go into labor and all of this will be a faint memory of misery! My birth will go smoother and quicker, because of my patience and baby will thrive because of it. But seriously…. hurry 😉 Until then, I’ll continue to redirect my focus every single morning I wake up and I’m still not in labor.

For those of you who may be in this waiting period, I feel you! The comments, the doubt, the questions, the fear, the uncertainty, the never ending wait game when it should have already been over and you are holding your baby; I get it. 100%. Continue to stay patient. As long as baby is still thriving, you are doing everything you can and baby is nice and comfy, just trying to be an overachiever 🙂






5 thoughts on “Going Past Your “Due” Date

  1. Hugs! I learned after the birth of my 3rd that babies release a chemical that starts labor once their lungs are complete. So maybe she just needed this extra week 😉 in the old days they went by moons, not specific dates. ❤️ I know how disheartening it can be going past that specific date you had in mind…


  2. I know this post has to do with birth but as I’m reading it I cant help but feel comforted. In life we put “due dates” on a lot of things we feel like we should have achieved. Marriage. Career. Success. Knowing I personally feel like I’m past my relational “due date” and it’s time to be married. But the truth is that God knows when I’m fully matured and knows when I’m ready to be born into the new chapter I know he has for me… but until then…. know you’re not alone in your Waiting. I know this season well. Praying for a fast delivery and a renewed joy. Love you Cass. Thank you for your transparency ❤️


  3. I always so enjoy and receive so much from your blogs on so many fronts! This is my favorite so far because of your very sincere transparency of the reality of pregnancy and the many feelings that go with it! Your sharing your challenges of going past… will help many!

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