Welcoming Another Baby GIRL




We are so excited to add another little GIRL to our family!! Kate constantly talks about her baby sister. She wants to teach her how to sing songs, and already asks if her baby sister can sleep with her. I’m looking forward to watching these two girls grow up together and become the best of friends. It will be a daily prayer of mine that they will always have each others back and be each others biggest fan.



I totally get why people have gender reveal parties. We did about 4 small gender reveals with different groups of our people and I was exhausted! Kate ended up telling a lot of people before we ever got to the reveal part, but it has been so fun watching her excitement. Our final reveal was for our social media family. My lovely sister, 2b Photography LLC, had a little photoshoot with us while we were at the beach with my family, and they couldn’t have turned out more perfect. Even the behind the scenes reality pictures of how photoshoots go. I thought it would be more fun for everyone to look at the “real” rather than the “perfect”.






If you’ve noticed our outfit selection, we were not prepared for beach pictures. Lack of communication resulted in an Alabama t-shirt for Joel. As you can see, the only heart picture he’ll agree to take is with Jalen, leaving us behind!


Before finding out the gender, Joel and I talked about what we thought it would be. Neither one of us had any idea. Joel said “I mean a boy would be nice, but I already know what to do with a girl so I wouldn’t mind having another girl.” For the guy who was very insistent on having a boy first, Kate sure has turned his world around. He is definitely someone who can handle what girls bring to the table. From the beginning when we would ask Kate if she was having a brother or sister, she always said sister. I had no idea what we were having. I tried to imagine what my reactions would be when they told us what baby was, and I honestly didn’t feel like I would be more excited for one more than the other. It was the weirdest feeling going into our ultrasound appointment. I was just so ready to know what we were having so I could start personalizing our baby.





As you all know, we drive almost 2 hours to Chattanooga to see our midwife for prenatal appointments once a month. Because of that, we do all of our blood work and ultrasounds there as well so we schedule them on the same day as our prenatal. That way we don’t have to make any extra trips. The day we were supposed to have our anatomy scan/gender ultrasound, we were on our way and I saw that I had a voicemail from the ultrasound tech telling me they had an emergency come up and needed to reschedule my appointment for later that week. Extremely disappointed, I called back to see if there was anyone else that could do the ultrasound. They said no, so I called my midwife to let her know. She called some other places and finally got another appointment for me. I was so relieved. I didn’t want to wait another month to see and find out the gender of my baby, but making an extra trip wouldn’t have been my first choice.




We took Kate with us to find out. We have tried so hard to include her in as much as we can to hopefully help the transition of welcoming a new baby into our everyday life. I have seeked out lots of second time parents to find out how they helped their toddler transition into the new and needy of a newborn. Including her seems to be the best for us and I hope it shows once baby girl gets here.




Speaking of baby girl, we haven’t decided on a name. Hopefully by her birth, she will have a name. We both have a name we like, but neither are set on the others suggestion haha! She has started making her presence known with all the kicks and flutters. She is becoming quite the active little girl, which makes me all the more ready to meet her and watch her personality come to life.






I hope you enjoyed all the fun photos! We had a lot of fun catching the moments and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these later on.



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