Feeling Refreshed & Pregnancy Update

Hi Everyone! I wanted to take some time to focus on my family and also my thoughts on pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Have you ever met someone that was so passionate about something that it probably started to annoy you? Yeah, I’m that someone. Obviously those who don’t have an interest in my blogs don’t read them, but for those that do I wanted to make it more pleasant to read. Sometimes I felt like I got preachy and I didn’t like that. I’m here to share my experiences and through those experiences, encourage those who are interested or are exploring their options. After several months of gathering my thoughts of how I can transfer my heart to my blog, and being pregnant again I can write with a fresh perspective.

Now, that everything is fresh and I’m actively going through the pregnancy journey, please ask any questions that you may have. Even though this pregnancy has been slightly different, reading back on my blogs all I think is “Wow I had some serious baby fever”, because my blogs make everything sound glorious LOL! I still agree with my first pregnant self. The second trimester is by far the best. I plan to do a first, second, and third trimester update, my must haves, struggles and insecurities, and what helped me the most.

Current Bump date: I’m 18 weeks pregnant(4 1/2 months)! I can not express my excitement enough of not being in the first trimester anymore. Most of the time I feel pretty good and my energy level is slowly rising. Morning sickness was a little worse this go around, but just when I thought it would never end, my second trimester showed up just in time. We find out the gender at the end of December and plan to announce towards the end of the month or first part of the new year. Everyone has asked if we have a preference on the gender, and neither Joel or I honestly don’t have a preference. I wouldn’t be surprised at all (and would probably laugh) if we had a lot of girls.  Joel is such a girl dad and can totally handle a bunch of girls. Plus, both of our families have a history of having multiple children who are the same gender. We’ll see! Stay tuned for the announcement!


I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and getting in the holiday spirit of Christmas. I love this time of year. Our Savior sent His Son to this Earth to save every one of us, and that is definitely something to celebrate!


7 thoughts on “Feeling Refreshed & Pregnancy Update

  1. Aw, I am so excited to hear what y’all are having. Kate was so excited for her “little sister” cousin Amelia lol I think she would be over the moon to have a sister.
    I think we are likely to have all one gender too. Girl dad’s are the best!

    Another thought, I remember your blog posts about birth stories. Do you have a birth plan for this go around? Home/hospital etc

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