Natural Cold Remedies for Your Baby

The worst feeling in the world is when your child is sick and you feel helpless. An even worse feeling is when your child is sick and you still have to go to work.

I’ve experienced these feelings on multiple occasions, and it gives me ALL the mom guilt, but here are some natural approaches that I took to get my daughter feeling better quick!


Kate got her first bad cold at 8 weeks old. She would cough so hard that her face would turn blood red. When she would try to sneeze, she would be so congested that she couldn’t even finish her sneeze.

At 8 weeks old and for a cold, you aren’t left with very many options. I knew our pediatrician wouldn’t be able to prescribe us anything. Colds just have to take its course.

That is NOT something you want to hear as a mom with a child who is miserable… so what did I do? Like any mama would do…..


From the information I read and advice from fellow moms, here were my solutions…

  1. Keep their head elevated to keep the congestion away from their airways.
  2. Use a NoseFrida to suck out any mucus in their nostrils. (They will hate this)
  3. Strip down yourself and your baby, go into the bathroom, close the door, get a HOT steamed shower going, and sit in the BATHROOM (Not the bathtub.. New baby and steaming hot water isn’t a great idea…;) ) for 20 minutes.
  4. Nurse them as often as you can.
  5. Use a chest rub.
  6. Essential Oils.
  7. Use a diffuser.

My solutions to keeping Kate’s head elevated while she slept was either on me during the day, or in her swing at night. This mama was not about to sleep in another room when my child could hardly breath………. until I was drenched from the diffuser and the constant ticking noise from her rocker swinging back and forth was more than I could handle. I wasn’t doing either of us good if I was exhausted, so I went to bed and turned the monitor on loud.



Lets talk about the NoseFrida…. During pregnancy, when Joel and I were making our baby registry at Babies-R-Us, we came across NoseFrida. My family can confirm that we immediately took a picture of it and started a group text about Who on Earth would suck their child’s mucus into their mouth?! (Needless to say we didn’t register for that)

This mama right here. As soon as Kate couldn’t breath and those flimsy nose suckers you buy in the “essentials” pack didn’t do the job, I went and bought a NoseFrida. They designed it pretty well, because nothing was inhaled into my mouth and it relieved her just a little. Thank you NoseFrida.

Get your NoseFrida here .


Steamed Bathrooms: This has to be the most natural, free way ever to cure a cold! It seemed that Kate was getting colds every month her first year of life, and this method was used on the regular. Like I mentioned above, we stripped down to get skin to skin contact and I nursed her for the entire 20 minutes we were in the steamed bathroom. We did this in the morning and at night while she had a cold. (If I didn’t work I probably would have done it one more time in the middle of the day.) I could tell a huge difference in her breathing after doing that and she could actually sneeze and get a lot of that congestion out of her.

Nursing: First off, God is amazing. Not only did He design our bodies to produce the right nutrients and antibodies that our babies need, but He also designed them to give us the RIGHT antibodies for when our babies need them. When your baby gets sick, the best thing you can do is nurse them regularly. Forget the schedule we discussed a few blogs ago “Getting Your Baby on a Schedule”. We need to give them as many antibodies as we can to help them fight off their sickness quicker. Once they are better, we can go back to our routine.

Use a chest rub that is baby friendly. I came across an all natural product website called “Maty’s All Natural” and I absolutely love their products and their story! They have a baby’s chest rub that is made from all natural ingredients. (Most chest rubs are for babies 3 months and older. I did not use this on Kate before 3 months of age.) You can find their products at local drug stores or read their story and buy products on their online website here .

chest rub

Essential Oils. Yes, Yes, Yes. At first when I started hearing about essential oils I wasn’t sure about them, but now I am all about them! There are so many essential oils that are safe to use on babies. My sweet friend would lend me some of hers anytime she heard the words “Kate is sick” come out of my mouth. She let me use lavender and peppermint to put one drop on the bottom of Kate’s feet and put socks on the keep it from rubbing off.

I have another friend, Paige, who sells Young Living Oils and she can definitely get you started with some great kits. She has an amazing story of how Essential Oils have literally changed her life in a medical world, and allowed her to replace prescriptions with essential oils! To buy your own essential oils click here , or if want to chat with her and ask more questions, email her at .

youn living


Diffusers. I’ve heard yay and nay’s about diffusers, but they tend to help us when we are feeling congested. I put a drop of peppermint oil inside the diffuser to help fill up the room for Kate to breath better.

I can’t tell you if just one of these did the job by itself, but I can tell you that all of these remedies together allowed Kate to feel almost 100% better by 24-36 hours, and that makes this mama feel better too.

Share this post with your fellow mama’s who want their babies to feel better quicker, and leave a comment telling me how these remedies worked for you, and what other natural remedies you have used that have been helpful.


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