Protein, Protein, Protein.

Now that you have thought about your idea of what you want your birth to look like, and asked questions that you may not have thought about before; let’s talk about the process..

If you have already given birth or are currently expecting, what were your memories of being pregnant? Was it hard? Did you love being pregnant? Was it crazy for you to see how differently your body can change in such a short amount of time?

I should have had a much better view of my pregnancy, because looking back and hearing others stories, mine was pretty easy. I was 22 when I found out I was pregnant,  I wasn’t upset about having a baby to care for, but rather, I wasn’t ready for my body to change(selfish thought pre-motherhood). Like everything else, I just didn’t know what to expect. I started getting a little nauseous around 8 weeks. That was about the time of Joel’s and my anniversary and we went to the beach that week. Nauseous and 100 degree weather sitting in the sun was not a good combination. I also ate about 5 full size bags of dill pickle chips that week as my beach snack and probably not enough water, because one of those days I stood up to walk to the pool and blacked out. That was kind of scary and was the last time I didn’t drink my share of water each day.

My nausea wasn’t intense throughout my first trimester. I’d wake up feeling pretty bad, but if I slowly snacked ALL day, and just kept small portions in my system at a time I got better as the day went on. I had to drink a bottle of water on my way to work or it was a bad day. It ended right on track to my 2nd semester at around 13 weeks. The first semester is definitely the hardest. Its the worst not feeling good and not knowing how long it could last. I had heard some people weren’t sick at all and then other people were sick the entire pregnancy. That is miserable!!

The 2nd trimester was the easiest, AND you get to feel your baby squirming in there for the first time!! I wasn’t sick anymore, and I wasn’t uncomfortable and huge. I was starting to show a little bit, but to other people it probably just looked like I like food (which I do, except for when I was pregnant). I was the PICKIEST eater during my pregnancy, or should I say Kate was? I normally eat or try anything with the label “food” on it. (I’m glad my family doesn’t have access to edit this blog, because they would probably add “and everything else” I used to eat growing up) what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?….. ANYWAYS…… When I was pregnant though, I didn’t eat meat, beans, peanuts….basically anything that had protein in it, which was very unfortunate for me, because the one thing my midwife stressed to me was protein. I HAD TO EAT 70-80 GRAMS OF PROTEIN A DAY!!! All I could think about was there is no way I can do that….. They say your not supposed to eat fish and lunch meat so I was pretty much out of options… I love tuna and still did (surprisingly) so I was allowed to eat that like once a week…. One day I took it to work for lunch and when I took a bite it tasted disgusting! I was like maybe it was a bad can… tried it the next day and tasted the same, so there goes that protein. I also love root beer and one day I got Zaxby’s to bring home for dinner and ordered Joel and I a root beer. I took a sip and was like I don’t think this is root beer.. so the lady at the window got a cup and tried it from the fountain and was like it tastes like it to me? Knowing my taste buds were getting wacky, I was just like okay, thank you!! Got home and asked Joel to try it and you could tell he was nervous to tell me that it tasted normal… Okay great, its just me! Whole milk and protein shakes were my source of protein. Yay me… I never had an appetite to eat and never craved anything (other than those 5 bags of dill pickle chips consumed in 4 days). You might be thinking she is lucky, but it was hard! I felt like I wasn’t giving my baby what she needed and I love to eat! And let me not mention that I thought being pregnant would give me an excuse to eat sweets all the time and not be judged, but I didn’t even want it.


28 weeks has arrived! 3rd trimester and final stretch!! Now we were scheduled to drive to Chattanooga every other week, whereas, we had been going up there for our prenatal visits once a month. I think we only ended up doing that 2 extra times, because Kate decided to come early(no complaints here)! Overall, driving to Chattanooga wasn’t so bad. It was a great excuse for Joel and I to make a day date out of them, by doing different things while we were there. The 3rd trimester starts to get uncomfortable, but you’re almost done! By now your baby is rolling, flipping, kicking, hiccuping, and all sorts of other stuff and you feel it all very distinctively.

IMG_6196(Here are you some nice quality pictures taken of me pregnant. Had I known they would be shared one day for everyone to see, I would have probably done a better job… but here they are.)

Okay, lets talk about mom brain for a minute. It. Is. Real. Not to mention all the things I would forget, but I had the craziest thoughts and dreams! Towards the end when it started to get real for me, I would think ” What if I’m pregnant forever?” “What if I never go into labor?” or the best one ” What if I don’t give birth to a human?”!! All of those are pretty crazy and unrealistic, but those were my fears HA! Did anyone else have crazy thoughts, or is that just me?

Pregnancy over all is so different for every mother and each of her pregnancies! But let’s remember that we, WOMEN, get to carry and bring life to this world. 9 months is a long time, and even longer if its not an easy pregnancy, but we are strong, ladies, and our selflessness and strength as well as our Jesus carries us through.








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