About Little Natural Mama

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! My blog is to share my experiences of pregnancy and birth, as well as, journeying in this world of being a mom and raising our children in the best way we can! My way is not the right way for everyone, but I’ve come to learn that we, women, may not know what our options are when we are deciding what we want our birth to look like. The things I have chosen to believe and do makes no judgement for you who do things differently. My ONLY objective is to share information that has changed my way of thinking from the modern world.

I do not have a confrontational personality, but I have found my passion>> to give mothers a second option that most of us do not even know exists anymore: unmedicated childbirth!

Let me begin by saying, shout out to all us moms who have given birth to a child/children, whether naturally or C-section! No matter what your situation ended up being, we got a precious child/children when it was all over, and that is really all that matters! I don’t have all the answers.  EVERY SINGLE birth is different. I’ve only experienced one birth, and I have to say for whatever I was expecting, it went as smoothly as it probably can. So stay tuned for my future births to see how differently they can be!

Also, Thank you to doctors, nurses, and hospital accommodations for providing more women the way to having successful births, ensuring the safety of both mom and baby. The amount of schooling you go through proves to us your commitment and passion as well.

I am not all natural, organic, fresh, raw, etc. with MOST things. I’m a working mom, and honestly don’t have the time and money to do it ALL right. I wish though. (Hints the name “a little natural”) Natural childbirth using a Midwife gave me more time, paying less money, and not having to put a lot of medication into my system, as well as, my baby’s. Let’s be mindful, what goes into our bodies is going into our wombs. In this day, its hard to do everything right for our bodies with the convenience of fast food and cheaper processed food.

I never really considered myself having a baby in the hospital, as I was growing up thinking I would have kids one day, but I also never really said I would have a midwife and do it at home either. I always thought hospitals were for sick people and having a child didn’t fall into that category. However, I also didn’t like the idea of giving birth in my house, because I did not want to deal with the clean up.

My mom had 7 kids. The first 4 were born at a hospital and the last 3 were born at my parents home. With her first two children she didn’t have an epidural, but with her third child she had to have an emergency C-section due to her son having a condition called Trisomy 18. (Research it) Here is where I thank the doctors and nurses for giving my parents and two older sibings as much time with him as they could. He lived for 2 months and passed away. My mom got pregnant almost immediately after that and the doctors told her once a C-section always a C-section, so with her fourth child she had another C-section. When she got pregnant with her fifth child (me) she wanted another option. That is when she met a midwife that told her its okay to do a VBAC. So I was her first child delivered by her midwife in the comfort of her own home. I guess she loved it, because she did the same thing with her last two children. (More details on that later). So I guess this insanity(as some people may think) runs in my blood.

When I found out I was pregnant, it was a month before mine and Joel’s one year anniversary. Goodbye 5 year plan. To be completely honest, we weren’t excited. It was really hard for us to adjust. We had so many plans before starting a family, but God had different plans:)

Our main thoughts, at first, were:

1)We don’t have insurance.

2)How are we going to afford any of this?

3)If hospitals aren’t really an option for us(both financially and mindfully), but midwives aren’t allowed to practice in the state of Alabama, what are our options?

Drive to Chattanooga and birth at my midwife’s home, that she turned half of it into a birthing environment. My sister in law had recently used her for 2 of her births and spoke highly of her midwife and process of a birth she desired. (She had her first two births at a hospital). So with her experiences I decided to do it as well.

Not all of my blogs will be about midwives and birthing. I would love to share some good mom advice, fun things to do with our kids, and other light hearted topics that are “a little natural”. I look forward to getting to know each of you!


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