A Thank You Letter to my Midwives

There are many things about having a midwife deliver my babies that I am so thankful for, and if anyone out there is on the fence about midwifery care for you, I hope this helps. They deserve more praise and trust than they get, and I'm one of their biggest fans.  THANK YOU! Thank you, … Continue reading A Thank You Letter to my Midwives

Isabella’s Birth Story

Isabella's birth story is written with fresh memories unlike Kate's birth story that was written two years after she was born when I started my blog. Although I remembered every detail of that day I didn't, however, remember the pain as much because I had baby fever and by that point nobody remembers the pain. … Continue reading Isabella’s Birth Story

Going Past Your “Due” Date

I'm not here to tell you how to avoid going past your due date, because well.... I'm still pregnant. I also don't know if this can be an encouragement for you, because I'm feeling super discouraged right now. This might really be more of getting everything off my chest, but if you currently are past … Continue reading Going Past Your “Due” Date

Advantages To Group Prenatal Care

As a creature of habit and comfortability, I like to stick with what I know. I've used the same midwife for both pregnancies so I can only base my experience from what I have experienced with her. As part of her practice and prenatal visits, she includes group prenatal sessions as part of your checkup. … Continue reading Advantages To Group Prenatal Care

5 Reasons Why I Love My Midwife

There are so many reasons why I love having a midwife and giving birth at her home. From the moment I chose my midwife, I had full peace about the whole process. She is not only there to deliver my baby, but also educate me and my husband about the whole process: Prenatal and postpartum … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Love My Midwife

Preparing For Birth

Birth Preparation - YAY!  Preparing for your birth can be so overwhelming. Unmedicated, epidural, cesarean: we can all agree that we want to know all the information we can get our hands on. You want the best experience you can dream of. Everything to go smoothly and have a healthy baby. Everything to be perfect. … Continue reading Preparing For Birth

Welcoming Another Baby GIRL

  We are so excited to add another little GIRL to our family!! Kate constantly talks about her baby sister. She wants to teach her how to sing songs, and already asks if her baby sister can sleep with her. I'm looking forward to watching these two girls grow up together and become the best … Continue reading Welcoming Another Baby GIRL